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Caitlin is a Scottish artist designer maker and graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with First Class Honours in 2018.

Caitlin's work explores material value which is underpinned by research of the rich and contradicting history of the colour blue.  This research invites exploration of heritage, hierarchies and binaries through relationships and tensions of material textures, weights and finishes.  The work simultaneously references but also subverts ancient aesthetics and traditional processes, employing techniques that carry rhythms throughout a varied material palette.

"I visualise myself as a gatherer, collector and researcher of information and materials; I balance contemporary and historical research with influences of the everyday and Scottish heritage".



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Watch a documentary about the graduates of the Silversmithing and Jewellery course at GSA here by Callum Downs

Craft Scotland Graduate Award - June 2018

Incorporation of Hammermen Prize - June 2018 

Fife Contemporary Selected New Maker - June 2018

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths’ Precious Metal Bursary - March 2018

Transitions into Art School Publicity Film, May 2017

Collaborative Production of Dream On! Shakespeare400, shortlisted for The Herald's Cultural Event of the Year Award - 2016

Leverhulme Scholarship, 2013


The Glasgow School of Art, BA Hons Silversmitihng and Jewellery, 2014 - 2018

The Glasgow School of Art, Portfolio Preparation, 2013 - 2014


Artist in Residence, The Glasgow School of Art, 2018 - 2019

Outdoor Learning Facilitator, Green Aspirations Scotland, 2016 -2017

Childrens Summer School Tutor, The Glasgow School of Art, 2017

Costume and aesthetic production collaboration with the The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow University and The BBC Symphony Orchestra, 2016

Community Council Arts and Crafts Workshops for Children, 2014

Set Design, Construction and Painting for Stage Productions, 2013 - 2015





interpreting blue



The Rich and Contradicting History of Blue

Blue is Gold ; Merchants traveled for gold and returned with lapis lazuli. In 1521, the price of lapis lazuli which was ground and filtered to create Ultramarine pigment was 100 times more expensive than the price of an earth colour, making blue pigment more expensive than gold.

Comforting but Distancing ; Approximately 71 % of the Earth’s surface is composed of what is recognised as a blue liquid - water. Blue is therefore familiar, and represents the sense of belonging. However, blue is a cold colour, it appears further away than other colours. 

Visible and Invisible ; Every living creature perceives blue light as it represents daylight and establishes the circadian rhythm. Blue may not always be seen, but it is sensed. 

Undervalued and Valued ; In some cultures, the colour blue symbolised mourning and misfortune. However in other cultures represented prosperity, was believed to dispel evil. 

Night and Day ; Lapis Lazuli rock is commonly known as a semi-precious stone but it is a actually a combination of minerals (blue lazurite and gold pyrite ) known as the ‘night coloured rock’. Yet blue is a varying hue also radiates the vitality and energy of the daytime. 

Simultaneously Sky and Sea ; Ultramarine translates from the latin as ‘beyond the sea’ suggesting a blue that is bluer than the sky, a blue that is all encompassing that is reflected in the sea. 

Free but Secure ; Blue is the colour of the open sky, the colour of freedom. Blue is an independent colour but also suggests safety and reliability. 

Elusive and Utilitarian ; Blue is infinite, the colour of dreams, of imagination and ephemerality, but blue is also practical and durable. 
Hopeful and Despairing ; Blue aspires with positivity but the the sensation of ‘feeling blue‘ is of sadness. 

Beginnings and Endings ; The colour blue is symbolic of birth, every baby is born with blue eyes. Blue also represent the end of life, oxygen loss from the blood causes the lips to turn blue. 

Strong but Fragile ; Blue can hold its own. It is a powerful colour, the celts were said to dyes their bodies blue upon entering battle. Blue is also sensitive and quiet, a gentle, fragile colour. 

Innocent yet Alluring ; Blue is symbolic of purity it is tranquil and peaceful, but a varying hue is rich, associated with wealth and desire, gazing at blue is enrapturing. 

Essential yet Luxurious ; Water is an essential element to life, it is the colour of fertility. Culturally, the meaning blue has also symbolised regality, wealth and luxury. 



New Designers - Business Design Center, London, June 2018

Degree Show - Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art,  June  2018

Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards Exhibition - Goldsmiths Hall, London, March 2018

#tehknelogy - Project Space 3, Art School, Glasgow, April 2017

#vessels_2017 - Project space 2, Art School, Glasgow, March 2017

yet to be defined  -  The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, November 2016

Mackintosh Reimagined - Mackintosh Building, The Glasgow School of Art, June 2016

Thinking Through Making  -  Reid Building, Glasgow, April 2016

New Dreams  -  Clarke & Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow University, April 2016

Glasgow Goes Green Festival  -   SWG3, Glasgow, February 2016

MAYA  -  The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh, August 2015

Cominelli Foundation  -  Italy, August 2015

100 Steps  -   Reid Building, Glasgow, April 2015

reSOURCE  -  GSA Sustainability, Flemming House, Glasgow, March 2015

Helensburgh Art Club  -  Hill House, Helensburgh, June 2014

Down in the Basement  -  Mackintosh Building, Glasgow, February 2014






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